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2/3 cars we check have a hidden past

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1/5 cars written off

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Buying a car during a lockdown

With lockdown restrictions easing and the nation aiming to get back to normality, many businesses are due to reopen, among those, are car dealerships. 

Car sales have decreased dramatically since measures were implemented, and so it makes sense that both businesses and customers alike want to get up and running again, whether that’s concerning a large dealership or a smaller, independent dealer. 

We have gathered together all the need to know info on buying a car during the lockdown, so continue on below to get up to scratch before beginning your car shopping. 

When will car dealerships reopen?

Car dealerships are due to reopen on June 1st 2020, as long as they’re able to comply with and maintain social distancing and COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

This is likely to still impact smaller dealerships for the time being, as more enclosed spaces cannot guarantee that proper social distancing measures will be strictly kept to. 

Though dealerships won’t reopen until the beginning of June, there are plenty of manufacturers out there who are getting ahead of the game and offering the option to buy a new car online. 

Buying a car online during a lockdown

Given the circumstances, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has okayed dealerships to operate online so long as social distancing rules are followed strictly during the delivering and handing over of the vehicle. 

As dealerships begin to open, man will also be allowed to operate a ‘click and collect’ service for their customers, while plenty of dealerships are already providing video tours of cars and interactive live stream services which allow customers to ask questions regarding the vehicle before they commit to buying. 

Of course, with car manufacturers still taking orders for new cars online but vehicle production having been suspended, it’s important to bear in mind that there will likely be a backlog on meeting demands and delivering new vehicles once production continues. 

Viewing a car online during the lockdown

Where we would usually travel to a dealership to inspect a car and have a poke around in the interior, lockdown measures mean that this is no longer an option at present. Though this will be allowed in most dealerships beginning June 2020, the majority offer virtual tours of vehicles, detailed images and a breakdown of specifications and data online. 

In some cases, you’re also able to view information on new and used vehicle comparisons and finance estimates, though an online vehicle check can also help with many of these queries too.

Buying a car privately during a lockdown

Lockdown restrictions have had a huge impact on private car sales, given that social distancing must be adhered to, journeys are restricted to essential travel and the vast majority of buyers prefer to visit a potential vehicle sale in person. 

Thousands upon thousands of cars continue to be advertised on online marketplaces and auction sites, however, buyers are having to take what they see on face value given that they cannot take a look around the vehicle itself. 

Until both travelling and social distancing guidelines are altered or lifted altogether, there’ll continue to be unavoidable hurdles leading up to buying a car privately. In the event of any change, this blog post will be altered to include the latest up-to-date information. 

If you’re searching for more up-to-date motoring advice and essential information, don’t miss our vehicle check blog page. Here you’ll find everything from tips on taking care of a used car to the safest second-hand family cars out there on the market.

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