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If the vehicle has a hidden history?
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Green Flag vehicle history check a cheaper HPI check alternative

Green Flag Vehicle History Check is an easy to use and instant way to check a car's history. Similar to HPI & the RAC, our car check provides you with vital information regarding the history of your car or a vehicle you are considering purchasing.

You can check the history of any car by entering the registration number into our Green Flag vehicle checker, your instant report will then be available to view online and download as a PDF.

Our comprehensive vehicle check is competitively priced, we check our competitors daily and always aim to be cheaper than the RAC & HPI. If you do spot a competitor offering a like for like vehicle history check for the same or lower price, give us a call and we will be happy to price match.

Watch out for imitation vehicle check services that offer free or very cheap reports, many websites will lure you in with low price points before upselling vital information such as outstanding finance or write-off information.